Morning walker robbed of phone


A biker stopped a 23-year-old executive of a private company and took away her cell phone when she was on her morning walk in Vikhroli (W) at 6.46am on January 9, but the police have refused to register a robbery case.


When Neelima Shahi approached the Parksite police, the officer only handed her a missing certificate. Shahi found out a fortnight later that her suspected robber was from her neighbourhood, when he hooked up to her wi-fi network with her stolen mobile.


Three weeks have passed but the police have not done anything and sub-inspector Suresh Naik claimed that he had written to the mobile company, which was tracking her case. “I am worried now, after learning through a colleague that I should have got an FIR registered, instead of settling for a missing certificate. If anyone misuses the phone I will get caught,” Shahi told TOI.


Shahi, who had made a New Year resolution to go for morning walks, said, “The entire incident went on for two minutes before the biker sped away with my mobile. The entire stretch near Kailas Complex, which connects Vikhroli and HiranandaniGardens in Powai, was deserted and a bit dark.”


She said the biker had been following her and kept honking. “When I did not stop, he placed his bike across and forced me to stop. He told me to hand over the mobile and threatened to attack me with a chopper. He told me to cooperate or his gang members, a short distance away, would attack me and make my life miserable. I tried to bargain for time, expecting someone will come along. Finally, I requested him to let me keep back the SIM card,” she said.


She said Naik had not told her anything about an FIR. “I kept checking with him, but he would say that he would revert to me if he had any lead in the matter. The police emergency numbers were of no use when I called up after I was robbed. They hung up and did not offer any solution,” she said.


Senior inspector Suresh Sakpal said he would review the case and register an FIR if the victim approached him.