Movie ‘Taken’ inspires ‘PEACZ’ a Anti-Trafficking App

Maneka Gandhi Minister for Women and Child Development launched a Evidence Capture and Anti- Trafficking App ‘PEACZ’ in New Delhi on 4th May 2016.

Peacz is a initiative of Powites made with security of Girls in mind. Peacz is visualised and conceptualised by Ajaykumar and Developed and Designed by Jiten Modi. This is a Free App.

PEACZ app is a tool to keep your family informed once you are out of home. If you are secure your city is safe. There can be incidence of sudden accident, attack, robbery etc which comes without any warning. By writing a vehicle number in peacz app, you ensure whatever happens you can be traceable with help of data collected. If you make a habit to care about yourself you rub this to your friends too.
Peacz gives you two unique features which makes you Stronger.

Download Peacz App, verify your mobile, register and a new Safe Life opens up for you.

Peacz app was motivated by the French Movie ‘Taken’.

Upon arriving at Charles de Gaulle International Airport, Kim and Amanda meet a young man named Peter, whose taxi-sharing habits act as an opportunity to discover and pass on their details and location. Kim and Amanda go to Amanda’s cousins’ apartment, only for Kim to find that Amanda’s cousins are in Spain. While Kim takes a call to her father, she witnesses Amanda being abducted by strange men in the living room. Kim complies with her father’s instructions to hide in a bedroom, but Bryan, knowing she will be found, informs her of it and talks her through the situation. After she is dragged out from underneath the bed, Kim yells the description of her abductor until she is silenced. Her abductor picks up the phone and says nothing to Bryan, who gives a threat. The only response is “good luck”, after which the call ends.

Taken inspired Powites to make a Security App for all where Evidence can be Captured and sent via email in seconds.

Track Me: When you board any vehicle enter info of type of vehicle, it’s registration number, color. This can be a car/ taxi/ auto/ truck/ bus/ truck etc. This info gets picked by Peacz and a notification is on. Once you click i Reached Safely – it stops.
In case you don’t click reached even after 24 hours of journey a email is sent to your and your trusted person informing the vehicle number and location.

Capture Evidence: It happens to everyone when we meet persons who are strangers or not trustworthy, one may click capture evidence and the app captures whom you point your camera and also audio is captured and both pictures and audio are sent to your email id only, with the user’s location.
This is a preventive tool. The would be attacker or a person who wants to take advantage of you will get scarred as there is now a proof that you had met the potentially harmful person with GPS location, this data is on your email. Even if your mobile is stolen of broken the data is safe on your email. This data should be downloaded as these pictures and audio file will be deleted after 7 days.



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