How love doesn’t cost much in Mumbai

A recent worldwide study has voted Mumbai to be the cheapest city for a date, as one needs to shell out minimum for a romantic outing. Here’s taking a look at some of the places in the city where you can plan your date without having to burn a hole in your pocket

South Mumbai
If you thought South Mumbai is only popular for the best nightlife and fine dining restaurants in the city, think again! This place has many such haunts where you can go for a date without having to worry about evaluating your expenses for the month!

Gateway of India
A great historic location with a tranquil view of the sea, you can sit outside the Gateway and spend a relaxed time catching up or grabbing some sumptous street-food available at the popular Colaba Causeway. And if you still want to make it a memorable one, take a ferry ride to Elephanta Caves or Alibaug and back.
Price: Within `1000

Nariman Point
If you wish to be away from the maddening crowd, head off to a further spot like the Nariman Point, where you can sit and talk for hours at end. You can also walk along the seafront at Marine Drive. The picturesque view lends a perfect setting to your time spent with your special someone. Stop in between to munch on street food or the outdoor eateries dotting the seafront.
Price: Within `500

Hanging Gardens
A perfect place that provides sunset view over the Arabian Sea, this park has numerous hedges carved in the shape of animals. If you do not wish to book yourself at a plush restaurant, you have plenty of options to walk into a nearby cafeteria or simply gorge on mouth-watering street food outside the garden area.
Price: `500 – `1,500

Worli Seaface
Another popular haunt for both the young at heart and age, the Worli seafront is an ideal place to spend the evening, if the two of you do not wish to go to a fancy lounge. You can walk along the seafront or maybe just sit there with the gorgeous lights surrounding you that make for a perfect romantic setting.
Price: Within `500

Nehru Planetarium
Gazing into the deepest corners of the universe is a singular experience, one that you should definitely share with a special person. So, if you feel like exploring more than each other’s likes and dislikes, like the heavens themselves, head to this place.
Price: Within `500

Western Suburbs

Off Carter Road
A hot-spot for most youngsters, it may not be the most ideal place if you want it to just be a lonesome-twosome. The stunning view of the sea link and a beautiful expanse of the ocean is what makes it worth it to hang around at. This is one spot that won’t disappoint you. With a long stretch of land to walk on, numerous eateries around, you’ll almost be spoilt for choice!
Price: `500 – `1,500

Bandra Bandstand/ Bandra Promenade
Called lovers’ paradise, you will find couples sitting around the Bandra Fort or the road leading to Bandra Promenade in the evening. You can watch the sunset or even gaze at the stars during the night. There are many cafeterias and roadside stalls along the way.
Price: Within `1000

Central Suburbs

Powai Lake and Nirvana Park, Powai
For those residing in the Central suburbs, one of the best places to hang around is Powai. The Powai Lake is an ideal spot for lovers. You can watch the sun go down while you gorge on street food stalls along the main road.

If you don’t want the noise and crowd around you, head out to Nirvana Park. This park has an oriental theme, so as you stroll with your partner, you will get to see Asian-inspired lamps, an elevated machan for viewing the sorroundings etc. Apart from this, the park is complete with lush greenery, trickling water and wildlife. You also have plenty of benches and pavilions to lounge around in.
Price: Within `500

The Cheap Date Index, an initiative by a global bank has picked out two cities (Mumbai and Delhi) to be the cheapest places where you can go out on a date for `1,400 to `2,000 approximately, from a list of places that included London, Tokyo, Moscow and Rio.

Navi Mumbai

CBD Belapur
If you’re one of those couples who likes a tipple once in a while, there’s a whole street full of places you can explore. Titled Pub Street, the lane in Belapur hosts four to five popular watering holes.
Price: `1000 to `1,500

D.Y Patil Stadium
Cricket matches make for a great dating avenue if you both are into the game. So, if you can manage to buy tickets in advance, you might not end up paying a lot. Plus, with the game day mood being all up-beat, it’s a great way to break the ice on a first date.
Price: `1,500 to `2,000

Surprise her
If you wish to take her out shopping, visit a flea market.You can buy her anything she wants and it won’t pinch your pocket as well!

Surprise him
If you know he has his eye on a game or certain piece of limited-edition memorabilia from his favourite sports team, go out and buy it for him

Adventurous date ideas

Bookstore hopping
Head to the most popular spots for browsing and buying books. Be it, the corner store, thrift bookstore with titles sporting silverfish damage, or the swish one at a mall smelling of new books. It always makes for a great date, checking out books and figuring out what the other likes. It will also help you know her/him better. If you are confused about which bookstore you wish to go to, our advise is to choose one that helps you sit and read for hours at end, without having to purchase one.

Cycling date
If you are into fitness, cycling can work quite well for a date. You can probably meet early morning and make a day off it, as you explore various cycling trails across the city. You could also swap playlists so you can understand each other’s tastes in music while cycling. Double dating is also a great idea if you have common friends.
If you are wondering where you can head off to, the course along Pedder Road near Malabar Hill in Mumbai and Seawoods to Kharghar Hills in Navi Mumbai are your best bets.

Beer/wine tasting sessions
Rather than going on an out-and-out binge drinking session, which can cost you a bomb, opt for an evening tasting spirits. Wine tastings are common and they don’t cost too much. Most places that host such evenings have a fixed entry rate, so you know from before what you will be paying. Not to forget, it’s fun figuring out what the other likes, and how much your tastes match!

Museums/art galleries
You don’t always have to visit a fancy restaurant or pub on your date. If the two of you wish to do something different, museums give you an opportunity to tap into the history of where you belong, while art galleries helps you discover the artistic streaks in each other. And doing this together is an exhilirating experience.

Foot Massage
Take a day-long spa treatment. And if that’s too much, indulge in a foot massage together. It will leave you both feeling relaxed and much more at peace, both in your body and with each other!

Dance Class
A one-time dance lesson is also a great option when you don’t want to spend a bomb on a date. Most dance classes allow you to try out the first time free. And if you like it, you could always continue. All it takes is a bit of research and making a few calls to figure out a one near your home. Plus, dancing builds up rapport and trust, and it’s a good thing if you come off as an honest, trustworthy guy on the first date. You could look into classes across Bandra, Borivali and even Navi Mumbai.

Open mic nights
Many venues across the city host poetry slams, comedy nights or book readings. It’s not only made for the intellectual, artsy crowd. You would be surprised at the uncensored nature of these events which could turn out to be a great place to lose date-night jitters. Also, since its mostly a community event, you may not end up doing a fancy dinner but only cocktails, so your pocket doesn’t take a big hit.

Amusement Park
It might sound childish, but it is a lot of fun to go out on a date in an amusement park. Besides the fact that there is little to be bored when you are here, you can always go back and relive your childhood memories. Don’t go in for solo rides, instead choose ones that you can both do together


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