After Leopards Monkeys now in Powai

After  Leopards now it is the turn of Monkeys to visit Powai. Some time back they were in news in Mhada Colony at Chandivali.

Since last week they are entering homes in Powai and are having all the fun. There is a beautiful monkey couple, who came in via window scaring a women and her mother in law, who ran to another room when the Monkey Couple came in.

The monkeys directly went for the refrigerator and took all fruits and eat them . There was a dish on gas in which, one monkey put his hand in and took the good parts of the dish before leaving.

It was great fun after the drama the watchman catching a stick in one hand was running around the building looking up at the monkeys and the monkeys were cool and not getting scared of this man. They were sitting on parapet in the 2nd floor and eating out.

These monkeys are all fun and all children are looking out for them. Many kids want to feed them bananas against wishes of their mothers who fear that if u keep banana on the window for these monkey couple they will come in daily.

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