IIT Powai student drowns in lake

iit mumbai sucide

A 22-year-old IITian was drowned in Vihar Lake on Sunday when he was out with his friends. The deceased has been identified as Ankur Abhishek who was a fourth year Dual degree student of Electrical engineering at IIT Powai in Mumbai.

“He was wading through the water over some rocks with uneven depth with he lost his balance and drowned,” said Devang Khakhar, director of IIT Powai confirmed.

Among the five, three knew how to swim, said professor Urjit Yajnik, dean of students’ affairs. “The students told us that Ankur and another boy sat on a rock. After a while, they tried wading through the water to reach another rock inside the lake, when they lost balance as they could not figure the depth of the water. Both started drowning. While one could be saved, Ankur drowned,” said Yajnik. Ankur’s body was fished out around 3pm. “The lake level must have risen in the afternoon,” Yajnik said.

His body was sent to Rajawadi hospital by Powai police. A doctor from forensic department of Rajawadi hospital said, “The body was brought to us around 7 pm. The body had history of drowning. We will now conduct a post mortem.”

In the meantime, the victim’s father has been informed in Patna who will be arriving in the city on Monday.

Many students have posted condolence messages on Facebook. One of them said, “There is no access to the lake from the campus, but students do go there. But we have not heard of any untoward incident in the recent past.”

When the police was contacted- the Powai police station officials and Police control rooms flatly denied any such incident had occurred.

Source: http://daily.bhaskar.com