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Chandrarao Kadam

Chandrarao Ganpatrao Kadam  “The Stunt King”



  Born in 1901 at the start of the 20th century at Bhuj, Kutch to Ganpatrao Kadam who was a gymnast coach in the Army (Fifth Battalion), he followed his fathers footsteps and became a gymnast coach at 17 at Arya Vyayam shala and Bhatia Mitra Mandal in Karachi. He was adept in Malkhamb, Single-bar, Parallel-bar and Akhada.

Chandrarao also worked in a circus and used to perform drunkard wire walking. Having been already bitten by the glamour and glitter of the showbiz as a circus performer, Chandrarao was more than tempted to act and join films. Inspite of opposition by his parents to join films, Chandrarao boarded a ship to Mumbai in 1928 with only 25 rupees in his pocket to become a Filmstar.
The journey began from there and after 3 years of stay in Mumbai after working as an extra in some films during his early struggling days eventually he made it as an Actor and Hero.
Chandrarao set sail independantly for that magical world called Film Production. He worked as an Actor, Producer and Director in silent movies and talking pictures with actors like Lalita Pawar, Bhagwan Dada, Hansa Wadkar as his coartists. He was directed by eminent directors of those times like G.P.Pawar, Moti Gidwani, Dhirubhai Desai, S.M.Yusuf, Nanabhai Bhatt, Jayant Desai and Behran Vasania.

Chandrarao Kadam acted in the following Silent films as an Actor : -

  •  Bachha-I-Sakka
  •  Lion Hearted / Kanak Kesari
  •  Shadow / Azad Veer
  •  Fighting Blood / Lal Punja
  •  Sea Goddess / Dryaee Devangna
  •  Gypsy Love / Atishe Ishq
  •  Iron Man / Fauladi Pahelwan
  •  Dyanamite / Fauladi Jigar
  •  Loyal Friend / Nek Dost
  •  Divine Treasure / Daivi Khazana
  •  Flaming Soul / Jalta Jigar
  •  Pyari Katar

Chandrarao Kadam was also an Actor/Producer/Director in the following Talking films : -

  •  Lord Of The Jungle / Himmat-E-Marda
  •  Bharat Ke Lal
  •  Daulat
  •  Sneh Lagna
  •  Bahadur Kisan
  •  Jung-E-Azadi
  •  Watan Ki Pukar
  •  Criminal
  •  Manorama
  •  Chalis Karod
  •  Madhuban