Vedanta Computer Training Opening In Chandivali

Vedanta Computer Training, Shop No.: 002, Panchvati chs, Mhada Colony, Chandivali has Courses Tally, DTP. MS Office costing Rs. 400 plus tax, per course. Each course is of 2 Months. Despite the fact that India is a fast developing economy, far more needs to be done to engender more employment opportunities for the majority of Indians, to enable them to participate in the benefits

of growth and to contribute to that growth. Computer literacy has become almost a mandatory skill in the 21century to flourish in the job market.


Despite phenomenal capabilities, India faces a serious problem when it comes to computer literacy among the masses. The huge unmet need of spreading computer literacy especially among the marginalized population inspired us to take the responsibility of empowering the masses with the most critical skill of the century as a part of our social development priority.


We set up our first vocational training centre in the year 1992 aptly named “Shiksha” to pilot the targeted development goal. The encouraging results of the centre pass outs provided us the required impetus to progressively scale up the presence of similar vocational training centres across the country.


The objective of the vocational training centre is to enable individuals nationwide to achieve greater success by providing required basic computer knowledge & skills making them employable in the mainstream. The centres have been setup with the larger objective of developing employable skills especially among the marginalized population through vocational training essentially on basic computer skills. We have also weaved in the soft skills training in our computer course curriculum to enhance the employability quotient of our students.


To attain the desired mass development impact, we have partnered with like minded socially inclined associations across the country. Governments, civil society, communities and corporates among others represent our nation wide social development partners facilitating an enduring social development.


To ensure that the centres attract and benefit masses, our vocational programs are offered at nominal fees supplemented by required employable skills facilitating mainstream employment.


Our centres are equipped with the essential infrastructure including a team of dedicated technically skilled trainers forming a part of our standard delivery models. The students are not only trained on technical skills but with required soft skills which are vital for enhancing their overall employability quotient.


In our endeavour to facilitate employment, our vocational training programs are industry responsive and meet the employability requirements from time to time. We have partnered with the global IT industry leader MICROSOFT for providing an equal opportunity to the unaffordable masses to gain globally at par basic computer knowledge enhancing their employability.


As a part of our partnership, our trainers are trained by MICROSOFT on the official curriculum, to ensure standard quality delivery of the course on offer at our nation wide network of centres. Further, the trainers are provided with series of technical skill up gradation programs based on periodic evaluations to enhance their technical skills to make them technically competent enforcing our Quality mission. Additionally, soft skills training is provided to the trainers to help them equip our students with enhanced employability skills.


To measure the impact of our delivery, appropriate student evaluation systems have been incorporated as a part of our standard course delivery evaluation methodology. The students of the centres are awarded a Certificate jointly signed by MICROSOFT on successful completion of the training, based on appropriate evaluations. The successful students are further provided support with appropriate mainstream employment opportunities with the help of our Rojgar Avsar initiative.


It has been a emotional journey for us since our first centre in 1992, today a nation wide presence through our strong network of 322 centres spread across 28 states of the country. We have created at least FIVE LAKH computer literates so far as a part of our commitment towards empowering the masses through vocational training for nation building.