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Upset wife more fearsome than enraged pacer: jokes Sachin Tendulkar


He has squared off against the most fearsome of pace attacks all over the world but veteran Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar jokes that it is nothing when compared to facing his wife when she is upset!

Mumbai sees a sombre Chhat Puja

As lakhs of people gathered across beaches to celebrate Chhat Puja, the mood was subdued and sombre.

A happy child grows into wealthy adult?

London: Happiness is the best investment for your child’s future, as a new study has found that happy youngsters grow up to be wealthy adults.



Bal Thackeray, a maverick politician who roused emotions on Marathi pride and catapulted Shiv Sena to power in Maharashtra in the 1990s, died today after having been critically ill for the past few days.

Sunita Williams sends out Diwali greetings from space


Indian-American astronaut Sunita Williams has sent out a special Diwali message from the International Space Station to Indians around the globe.