Monthly Archives: November 2012

It’s marathon time at Powai

Even before the annul marathon can take place Mumbaikars will get an opportunity to participate in another marathon that will be held at Powai, Mumbai. The Rotary Club of Mumbai Lakers (RCML), along with Dr LH Hiranandani Hospitalwill organize the event in January 2012 for sportsand fitness enthudiasts. The event has been organized to raise awareness about health, and to raise funds for charity.

Upset wife more fearsome than enraged pacer: jokes Sachin Tendulkar


He has squared off against the most fearsome of pace attacks all over the world but veteran Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar jokes that it is nothing when compared to facing his wife when she is upset!

Survey shows growing digital divide between Indian teens, parents

It seems there is a growing disconnect between Indian parents and the online lives of their teenage children. McAfee‘s ‘Secret Lives of Teens’ survey shows that despite parental concerns and beliefs teens end up sharing dangerous information online.  In fact, one of the startling results of the study was the fact that while 70 per cent of surveyed teens believe they shouldn’t share their home address online, 40 per cent of them still do. Correspondingly, only 21 per cent of the polled parents believe teens would have actually done so.

Sangharsh Nagar in clutches of diseases, hawkers making matters worse

Sangharshnagar is actually a providence built for all those families who shifted here under the slum rehabilitation scheme from the Borivili National Park a few years back. Now days you can find only garbage littered in every nook and corner of the area, which has become a matter of concern for the residents here.

Mumbai sees a sombre Chhat Puja

As lakhs of people gathered across beaches to celebrate Chhat Puja, the mood was subdued and sombre.